Eccles Clinic


The Facilities

Eccles Clinic is equipped with today’s most cutting-edge technology, providing you with the highest standards in medicine. Currently, due to the lack of regulation in Ireland, there are no specific requirements that clinics must meet in order to carry out laser or surgical treatment. However we have ensured that every aspect of our treatments on offer, from the choice of equipment to the sterile theatre settings, meets the stridently regulated British medical standards. Furthermore, the clinic has its own sterilisation service and is the first clinic of its kind in Ireland to install a computerised traceability system. The clinic has support services from the Mater Private Hospital for Infection Control and Medical Waste, and Bioengineering Services from St. James's Hospital.

The Laser facilities at Eccles Clinic adhere to British Standards for Laser Safety:

  • BS EN 60825-1:2007 Safety of laser products
  • BS EN 60601-2-22:1996 Medical electrical equipment; specification for diagnostic and therapeutic laser equipment.