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Eccles Clinic Hallway

Established in Eccles Street, home to several prestigious medical centres, the clinic operates in an area made famous as the home of Leopold and Molly Bloom in James Joyce’s epic, “Ulysses”. Situated just across the street from the Bloom’s former address at number 7, now the Mater Private Hospital, our building features period details of Joyce’s era as depicted in "James Joyce's Dublin" by Iam Gunn.

Today, this Irish consultant-led surgical and laser outpatient clinic is quickly becoming a centre of excellence for plastic, cosmetic and laser surgery with a strong emphasis on providing the very best in patient care. Our purpose is to offer patients the opportunity to access the highest standards of treatment and care; an experience they are entitled to but only sometimes receive.

Currently, Irish medical clinics lack standard regulation. As a result, the standard of doctors operating is varied; the quality and success rate of treatments is not guaranteed; the facilities do not have to meet any standards and there can be little or no post operative care in some places.

Eccles Clinic is newly built and equipped with state of the art facilities that meet the NHS Standards for operating theatres, as well as British Standards for Laser Safety. Our consultants are experienced, respected, fully qualified Irish plastic surgeons who implement the latest techniques in plastic surgery and adhere to the highest standards in treatment and patient care.

Patient care and well-being is our main focus. The goal of each professional in Eccles Clinic is to ensure each patient is completely looked after before, during and after their treatments.

At Eccles Clinic - You Are In Safe Hands