Eccles Clinic



Eccles Clinic SurgicalThe highly skilled consultant plastic surgeons at Eccles Clinic have each established themselves as providers of exceptional surgical care. Whether performed in one of our three state-of-the-art operating theatres, or in the excellent facilities of The Mater Private Hospital, our extensive range of surgical procedures is carried out with the highest level of professional care and precision.

We are particularly proud that Eccles Clinic is fast becoming a centre of excellence for skin surgery. Our purpose built clinic and ‘see and treat’ model of care allows for effective and efficient treatment of skin abnormalities often relating to skin cancer. This procedure can involve the removal of lesions, repair, reconstruction as well as laser.

Thanks to the wide range of qualifications and professional experience of the plastic surgeons at our clinic, we are able to offer the following for Face, Body, Breasts and Hands; Oral and Orthognathic surgeries as well as Minor Operations: