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Laser patientThe term LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser therapy procedures are performed regularly at Eccles Clinic as a safe and effective way to quickly treat unwanted hair or skin imperfections. Some laser treatments may be covered under your healthcare insurance, speak with an Eccles Clinic nurse or consultant for details.


Laser Hair Removal (LHR) *

Laser therapy is an established method of treating unwanted or excess hair. The Eccles Clinic regularly treats patients using safe, effective laser treatment. We have invested in the most technologically advanced lasers for laser hair removal. Our state of the art Elite Laser allows our consultants and nurses to provide industry-leading hair removal treatment quickly and easily. For details on our laser equipment, click here.

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All other laser procedure pricing is provided at consultation with one of the clinic's consultant plastic surgeons.

Eccles clinic provides laser hair removal to these areas of the body:

  • Centre Brow
  • Cheeks
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Neck Front
  • Neck Back
  • Half Back
  • Full Back
  • Half Chest
  • Full Chest
  • Underarm
  • Areola (nipple)
  • Navel
  • Abdomen
  • Forearm
  • Full Arms
  • Hands/Feet
  • Buttocks
  • Bikini (regular)
  • Bikini (extended)
  • Thighs
  • Full Legs
  • Lower Legs

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Please read our FAQ on the terminology of "Laser Hair Removal" and permanency. In general, most patients will see a permanent reduction of hair - not a permanent removal of all hair treated by the laser. There is currently no laser on the market cleared to claim "permanent laser hair removal".

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Laser Therapy for Skin Imperfections:

Laser therapy has many applications and can be used for safely treating skin imperfections. Our highly qualified laser nurse specialists are able to effectively treat a variety of vascular and pigmented lesions and scars including:


Rosacea or Redness

Roughly 10% of adults are affected by rosacea, with symptoms usually appearing in the second or third decade of life. Those with rosacea flush easily and can develop redness, pimples and thread veins on the cheeks nose and forehead. Flushing is exacerbated by hot spicy foods, alcohol, sunlight, extreme environmental heat or cold, as well as certain cosmetics. The unpredictable flushes and other facial symptoms of rosacea can cause significant psychological stress. Lasers are used to treat the unwanted effects of rosacea such as redness and broken veins. 

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Red veins and blemishes

Thread veins, broken veins or telangiectasia are small red or blue veins which can appear anywhere on the body but are most common on the face and legs. Thread veins can appear as single veins, widely dispersed or as a collection of vessels rising from a single point. Thread veins are caused by a variety of factors including exposure to ultraviolet light, wind, extremes of temperature, and occupations that require standing for long periods.

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Sun Spots/ Brown Marks

Caused by a deposit of pigmented cells at various depths under the skin surface, sun spots and marks (also called pigmented lesions) are tan, blue-grey or brown in colour and appear on the face and body. Successful treatment of these areas can result in a more even skin tone.

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Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars are usually difficult to eradicate when treated by traditional destructive methods. Cosmetically unsatisfactory or inadequate results have been produced from treatments advocated in the past. The complexity of wound healing may culminate in the reappearance or even worsening of hypertrophic scars when treated with surgical revision. While there is no definitive treatment approach, laser scar revision using pulsed dye laser technology has been shown to result in prolonged positive outcomes.

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Keloid Scars

Keloid scars are raised, deep red-purple in colour and extend beyond original traumatic border (i.e. wound site) which may be uncomfortable or itchy. Often arising following surgery, injury or infection, the definitive cause of keloid scarring is unknown, but is considered more common in dark skinned people. Keloid scars may form on any part of the body but most frequently appear on the upper chest and shoulders. In some cases, keloid scars may first need to be injected with a steroid solution before they can be treated with laser therapy.

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Port Wine Stains

A port wine stain or naevus flammeus is a vascular birthmark consisting of superficial and deep dilated capillaries in the skin which produce a reddish to purplish discoloration of the skin. They are so called for their colour, resembling that of port wine. Lasers have made the biggest impact on treatment, because they are the sole method of destroying the capillaries without significantly damaging the overlying skin.

As with our laser hair removal facilities, Eccles Clinic has invested in the most technologically advanced lasers for skin conditions namely the Cynosure PhotoGenica V-Star Pulsed Dye Laser. For details on the equipment and facilitates, click here.

For more information on laser therapy for skin imperfections, click here.

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